I am about to launch a new organisation whose mission is to help visionary people put thought, care, ambition and quality back into housing. My blog will move to my new website: follow me on Twitter for further announcements!


About this site

Having spent 13 years designing housing and 11 years in housing regeneration and development, I decided it was time for a break to discover what kind of homes and communities our continental contemporaries were designing and building. This blog documents my two month journey around Europe by train, discovering new housing and speaking to residents, authorities, architects and developers about their experiences of making these communities come to life.

About Claire Bennie

claire-bennieI am an architect and housing developer, having recently been
Development Director at Peabody. I also live in and am an enthusiast about London’s 1930s art deco mansion blocks. I’m currently working on a number of projects including a regeneration scheme outside London. I also write pieces, chair debates and judge awards relating to new housing for various journals, campaign groups and think tanks. I have now written two plays about development but they aren’t good enough to be aired… yet!


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The Route

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