December 2015

London: Embassy Gardens – Part One

Scheme: Embassy Gardens |┬áCity: London | Master Client: Ballymore | Masterplan Architects: Farrells Resident feedback: ‘waaaaaaaaah’ (small child) I might have finally found the ‘Turd in the Plaza’.* Thanks: To …

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From London With Love

A thank you postcard to the top twenty people who made my trip special…

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Paris: Rive Gauche

Scheme: Rive Gauche |┬áCity: Paris | Master Client: SEMAPA | Masterplan Architects: Roland Schweitzer (Tolbiac quarter), Pierre Gangnet (Tolbiac-Chevaleret quarter), Christian de Porzamparc (Massena quarter), Bruno Fortier (Rue du Chevaleret), …

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