100 inspirational housing schemes

I am preparing to visit up to 100 housing schemes across northern Europe from August 1st – October 3rd 2015. If you know of any others I should not miss near the cities I am staying in, please do send me an email. I will be crediting all architects and developers where known, and speaking to residents on the way round to get their view.

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  1. This sounds amazing. I’m so jealous. Out of interest what criteria are you going to think about when considering each of these places? Or will it be more qualitative?

    1. What interests me most is: what is inspiring about this place and what might be translatable to the UK? Equally, what might not work in the UK because of e.g. immutable cultural, regulatory or political differences? I want to speak to at least one resident in each development as well – an unstructured and informal conversation if possible. These encounters are often the most revealing and surprising aspect of a visit to a scheme. Of course, I’ll be appreciating the craft and care of the architecture and landscape too…

  2. Claire, this reads like a very delicious menu – don’t forget Het Schip in Amsterdam – hetschip.nl – and whilst in Stockholm take a peek at the Stadshuset (as a break from the housing). Seems like you’ll be too far away from the Waldspiral in Darmstadt….


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